PBA Bowling

PBA Bowling SP 1.0.10

Go bowling on your Smartphone


  • Sharp 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Customizable balls
  • Four different game modes


  • Can't skip CPU opponent's turns


PBA Bowling sees you come against real players from the Professional Bowler's Association as you fight it out on your mobile to be crowned king of the pins.

PBA Bowling is a pretty good effort at a bowling sim for Windows Mobile, and is one of the most realistic you'll find on the platform.

The control system used in the PBA Bowling game is a lot more natural than you'll find in most bowling games.

You simply need to line up your ball using the directional buttons, choose your trajectory, then stop the curved power bar in the right place.

If your mobile has a camera on board, you can even use the motion sensor support to bowl down the lane like you would on a Wii.

In terms of its presentation, PBA Bowling is second to none.

The 3D in-game graphics are excellent and the sound effects are so realistic that you'll think you're actually at a bowling alley. What's more, there are so many different game modes (tournament, multi-player, Spare Challenge, single game), bowlers, locations and balls to choose from that it'll be a long time before you get bored of this one.

The only really annoying thing we found with PBA Bowling is that you can't skip through your computer opponent's turn, meaning you need to wait and watch each of its shots before you can take yours.

Take the biggest name in bowling, add innovation and fun, and what do you get? PBA Bowling for Windows Mobile device! Bring the biggest names of the PBA with you on the go, play a quick game or sit down and challenge yourself to a tournament against the best players in the world!

The game includes new motion technology that uses the phone's camera giving it Wii like ability to bowl. Play on the PBA patented oil patterns or change things up and play Spare Challenge for even more fun!

PBA Bowling


PBA Bowling SP 1.0.10

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